Porpoise is an innovative platform that engages employees and connects them with the greater sense of purpose and meaning that they are seeking in the workplace.

The Best Way to recognize, measure, and share your company's community impact.

Spend less time managing your impact and giving programs, and more time accelerating their impact!



Mobile and Web

Snap a pic at an event and post it instantly, or wait until you’re on your laptop, tablet or desktop computer. Porpoise is available on desktop, iOS and Android devices.


Create a Culture of Encouragement and Recognition

Whether its community volunteering, health and wellness, sustainability, or simply fun challenges, Porpoise offers a way to engage your people in their passions and interests.


Highlights and Transformational Experiences

When you post an impact story, it causes you to reflect on your experience. This creates a transformational rather than a transactional experience.

Access Meaningful Data

Powerful, real-time metrics that show what a group of individuals making small contributions can add up to



Quarterly Impact Reports

You don’t need to collect the data, we will do that for you! We package data that tells a story. See who’s engaged, and what they're passionate about.

From venture backed startups to Fortune 500 companies, We work with some pretty cool people!


Support You Can Count On
In-app support powered by Intercom.

We have 24/7 support available to you should you have any questions!


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The possibilities are endless with Porpoise.

Transform the way your people communicate, strengthen company culture, and unlock access to meaningful employee generated content.