Porpoise is an innovative platform that engages employees and connects them with the greater sense of purpose and meaning that they are seeking in the workplace.

Want to see what all the hype is about?



Give your people Porpoise

With both a desktop and mobile version of the application, your people can connect with each other and align their passions regardless of whether they are in the office, or out in the field.


Provide them with exciting challenges

Whether its community volunteering, health and wellness, sustainability, or simply fun challenges, Porpoise offers a way to engage your people in their passions and interests.


Acknowledge, Share and Reward

Porpoise acts as a place for people to recognize and encourage each other. With the ability to give a “well done” or an encouraging comment, Porpoise makes it easy to create a culture of recognition. You can also share accomplishments and challenges externally, so that stakeholders see the positive impact your organization is creating.


Slack & Yammer Integrations

Porpoise integrates with the collaboration
and communication tools your people are already using!