Q&A with our CCO

We took some time to sit down with our CCO, Dan Gillis!

Q: Tell us about yourself!
DG: Hello people! My name is Dan Gillis and I'm the chief community officer at Porpoise, yes that's a real thing. My job is to help build the company and connect it to the world in an awesome way while making sure that we stay focused on the impact that we set-out to make as a company. We started Porpoise because we wanted to use business as a way to make massive change and we're doing this by helping businesses be better corporate citizens and recognizing their people for who they really are.

Outside of work, I'm a super passionate family guy. My main motivation these days is to stay tight with my family and to be an awesome dad / husband.

Q: How did you end up where you are today?

DG: That is a very long story! But social impact and entrepreneurship is just apart of who I am. Growing up my dad managed radio stations that were also super involved in the community and giving back. I honestly thought that every business gave back in that way, it just made sense... The more you give, the more you receive. My mom, was the best... She taught me how to hug, how to listen, how to be a good friend and how to laugh at yourself. My mom and my dad passed on some beautiful gifts that I'm grateful for that no doubt laid the foundation for who I am today.

The most significant milestone that has led me to where I am today was having the courage to quit my first job in 2006 in pursuit of social entrepreneurship and then the commitment to stick with it. It literally took 10 years for me to earn my next regular pay-check.

Q: What does your typical weekend look like?

DG: I really love weekends! I never work. We camp, Love to bike, hit the markets, beach, dog park, do groceries, work on the house, get prepped for the week, my wife and I try to go on dates. It's my time to recharge the batteries and to connect big time with my family. From Friday afternoon to Monday morning, I literally don't open my computer and my team / company fully knows it!

Q: What do you call success?

DG: Growth in alignment with your values and the things that are important to you. For me that's growing a business and family that exists to do good in the world.

Q: At which store would you like to max-out your credit card?

DG: Mike's Bike Shop. I don't support maxing credit cards but I did just buy an amazing bike at Mike's and I've been riding hard all summer and now I've got the bug :)

Q: What inspires you to get out of bed each morning and go to work?

DG: For me it's actually a calling. Something that I've been feeling for over 10 years if not my whole life that pulls me forward. It leads me to where I'm supposed to be to make my contribution. I trust it and so far life has been awesome!

Q: On a scale of 1-10 how bad do you need a Boosted Board?

DG: I'm super into electric transportation and boosted is super cool. I'd start riding one tomorrow if I could (But I just bought the bike so I'll chill for now)! But we've got a little trick up our sleeve at Porpoise that might make it happen sooner.

One of my personal goals is to charge my entire life off the sun. First my phone, then a record player and someday a Volkswagen van.

Meghan Foreman