Why Porpoise Loves Slack 

We’ve been using Slack since day one at Porpoise. We have found it to be an awesome tool that helps us collaborate and work productively as a team. Here are a few of the reasons we love Slack!

Fewer Meetings

Meetings are sometimes necessary, and often very productive. The downside of meetings are that they usually run longer than they need to, and they disrupt people’s workflow. We’ve made a conscious effort to only hold meetings when they require people’s undivided attention all at once. The rest of the time, we share our ideas and ask our questions on Slack, where people can contribute their ideas/opinions at a time that works best for them.

Remote Workers

Two of our talented programmers work remotely in Columbia. Regardless of the distance between everyone, people are always just a Slack message away. When we travel, are sick, or on vacation, we turn to Slack to remain in touch with everyone. We are also big fans of the video call and voice call features, because it creates a more personal interaction when we aren’t together in-person.

File Sharing

One of the most commonly uttered sentences in our office is “I’ll Slack it to you”. With the ability to simply drag and drop files in Slack, we can instantly share content with each other for feedback. 

Its Fun!

With the ability to add “reactions” to Slack messages, Slack can be a really fun and interactive platform. Our team shares our office with another cool startup, Alongside. We use Slack to share ideas, funny memes, announce company wide events, celebrate birthdays and so much more.



Caleb Dow