Porpoise is an innovative platform that engages employees and connects them with the greater sense of purpose and meaning that they are seeking in the workplace.

Your Company's Social Impact In The Palm of Your Hand


Do Well by Doing Good

Employee volunteer programs save companies between $1000 and $6000 for each employee involved. Both consumers and employees have higher expectations than ever surrounding social impact.

To derive the greatest value from these programs you must increase awareness surrounding the programs both internally and externally. Porpoise is the answer to the greatest challenges associated with volunteer and employee engagement programs. 


Improve Program Awareness

Without higher awareness surrounding volunteer and social impact programs, participation will be low, and so will your impact reporting. For this reason, Porpoise starts with increasing program awareness through its social and gamified platform. 

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Recognize and Reward Participation

With Porpoise you can discover who has participated in your volunteer programs, so you can recognize their accomplishments and contributions. This provides positive reinforcement and increased employee satisfaction. 


Improve Employee Performance, Retention, and Attraction

Workplaces that align with a purpose are more likely to attract and retain talent. Porpoise allows employees to share how they support the causes they care about.


Automate CSR and Impact Reporting

Porpoise provides you with CSR and Impact Reports that highlight the collective impact that is being created by your organization in real time.