Porpoise is an innovative platform that engages employees and connects them with the greater sense of purpose and meaning that they are seeking in the workplace.

Our Story

From the restoration of a 100 year old hat factory and setting out to solve the worlds most complex issues, to partnering with some of the worlds most caring companies. Porpoise has always wanted to make a significant difference.

We realized that there is no shortage of problems in this world. From climate change, pollution, unsustainable agriculture, fossil fuel dependency, obesity and disease, loneliness and consumerism. The list goes on, but we learned that the solution always begins with people.

We believe that everyone is searching for purpose in their life and a meaningful way to contribute. In the most connected time in history, we are just scratching the surface of our potential.

Porpoise was created to help everyone connect to their purpose while making our work together engaging and fun. Helping people and companies share the stories of how they're making a difference.

This is Porpoise.


Mission To foster workplaces where people want to be, by recognizing their contributions, and encouraging them to share meaningful experiences.

Vision For every human to fulfill their purpose in life

Our Culture

Here at Porpoise we’re really proud of the culture we have instilled and maintained as we grow. Our values are: work ethic, transparency, trust, encouragement, ownership, results, and growth (both as people and as a company). We work hard, but we also have a lot of fun along the way. We’re a passionate, driven team with a wide range of skills. 

Meet the team

Our Partners