Porpoise is an innovative platform that engages employees and connects them with the greater sense of purpose and meaning that they are seeking in the workplace.

Unlock Access to High Quality CSR and Cause Marketing Content


Everyone Loves a Good Story

For this reason, the brands that are telling meaningful stories are pulling ahead, and those that are relying on expensive, manufactured CSR and Cause Marketing campaigns are disappearing. Porpoise allows you to share real stories about the great things your employees are already doing in the community. 


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Authentic Stories

Say goodbye to manufactured, inauthentic marketing campaigns, and hello to powerful, employee generated impact stories.


Share to Social

Share impressive content with the click of a button to social channels both internally and externally.

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Impact Data

Impressive data and reports that highlight the collective impact that is being created by your organization in real time. Whether it's hours volunteered or products donated, Porpoise provides you with the metrics you want in real-time.