Why Porpoise?

Porpoise helps companies improve employee engagement and internal communications through easy-to-manage workplace culture programs and events.

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Engaging Your Most Valuable Resource, for Good

Inspiring goals, programs, and events combined with peer-to-peer and top-down recognition makes Porpoise the best way to manage employee engagement.

Events and Programs That Inspire

Whether its community volunteering, health and wellness, sustainability, or workplace culture challenges, Porpoise offers programs, events and fundraisers that are a reflection of your culture and values.

Simplify Your Workflow

Deploy, manage, and report on a successful employee engagement strategy from one, user-friendly platform.  By managing your employee engagement strategy and communications from Porpoise, you can reduce cost, time, and room for error.

Create a Tailored Employee Experience

Segment relevant programs, events and communications to different groups, departments, and offices to ensure you create an engaging and relevant experience for everyone.

Powerful Reporting

Unlock access to both high-level and detailed reports in real time.

Real-Time Data Collection

Graphs and Charts

Downloadable Spreadsheets

Custom Metrics

Capture Unique Impact Stories

Comparative Analysis

Share to Social

Porpoise integrates with your corporate social networks, providing you with unlimited access to authentic impact stories.

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